About Mairi

Dr Mairi Macleod is an evolutionary biologist, consultant, speaker, and science writer. She is pioneering the use of an understanding of our evolved preferences and motivations to inform how we can change our behaviour, environment, habits and attitudes to better suit our needs in the modern world. She applies this in relationships and in the workplace, and she has a special interest in helping single, older women find a quality partner – having been through this challenging process herself.  

Mairi started her career studying animal behaviour and spent several years undertaking research on various primate and cetacean species in remote parts of the world. When she started a family, Mairi switched to research on humans, and writing on behaviour for New Scientist, and several newspapers including the Sunday Times, the Guardian, the Observer, and the Scotsman.  

Mairi is passionate about helping people through using her biological perspective on human behaviour. To this end, she delivers workshops and keynote talks for a variety of audiences on subjects ranging from personality and sexual attraction, to leadership and diversity. As a dating & relationship mentor, she offers one-to-one calls, webinars and online courses.  

She lives in Edinburgh with her husband, with her grown-up kids turning up from time to time, and she enjoys skiing, hillwalking, playing ukulele, and singing when she gets the chance.  



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