Terms of Purchase for the
Group  Program
with ongoing support

Hi, Dr Mairi Macleod here,

I am delighted that you are planning to purchase the Small-Group Program with 12 months support. Before you buy the program there a few things you need to know about what you are purchasing and what you can expect. Please read the terms below and if you have any questions once you’ve finished please do not hesitate to get in touch (at [email protected]) and I would be happy to chat further.

Mairi x

Program Outline:

The Small-Group Program with 12 months support is a fully online program where I will teach you how to identify, attract, desire, and find a good man for a great relationship and where you will be supported to put your learnings into action. I do not approach this with conventional coaching qualifications but with a unique approach using my knowledge of the biology and evolutionary psychology of attraction, mate choice, sex differences and social relationships, as well as personal relationship experience and experience in helping other women in this area.

Program Specifics:

The Dating Evolved Small-Group Program includes:

  • A 2-hour masterclass and discussion with a small group of women at the same time each week for 7 weeks 
  • Lifetime access to video presentations for the Introduction plus 6 Modules 
  • Downloadable and printable Workbook with exercises to complete each week, plus a Master Template for the Man You Need which you'll personalise as we go along 
  • Downloadable summary PDFs of all the Modules 
  • Access to a private WhatsApp Group where you can have your questions answered and discuss with other women in the group (but there's no obligation to join)
  • Bonus videos, and a Bonus mini-course by professional photographer Donna Green: "Put Your Best Face Forward" 
  • Membership of the Dating Evolved Academy. In the Academy you'll be able to access extra resources and a monthly group call with Mairi for ongoing support. This membership will last for 12 months from the date of your purchase. After the 12 months, you will have the option of further support within the Dating Evolved Academy at a small extra cost.
  • A review of your online dating profile to help you make it unique, and compelling for the right man for you. This will include a 30 min one-to-one call on Zoom with me, Mairi Macleod, where we'll discuss the changes to be made to your profile.
  • If you are purchasing the PREMIUM version of the program, you'll also be able to have up to 12 one-to-one calls with me, Mairi Macleod, on Zoom or phone. You'll have a 1-hour zoom or phone call with me in the first month and then a 30min call each month for the rest of 12 months. I’ll give you a link to book a time with me in advance or, if you need some immediate help, you can email me and where possible we can jump on a Zoom or phone call right away. If you don’t use a call one month you’ll have the option of carrying it over once to the next month (with a maximum of 2 calls in one month).

What you’ll need:

In order to take part in the online group sessions and the monthly calls you’ll need a computer, tablet or smart phone, a good internet connection, Zoom app or software and good lighting where you are sitting. You’ll also need to set aside up to two hours for each weekly live session. Sessions occasionally run over time, depending on how the discussion goes, but of course participants are not compelled to stay longer if not convenient.

Your Responsibilities:

Because part of this program involves meeting with me online and with a small group of other participants, I need to ask you to agree, before purchase, to a number of things to protect and enhance the experience of you and your fellow group-members. By purchasing a place on the program, you agree to:

  • Do your best to arrive at the allotted start time for live online sessions. This means we can get straight on with the content and discussion without waiting around for late-comers. That said, if you know you can’t make a session or are going to be late, just email me in advance to let me know
  • Do your best to attend all or most of the weekly live sessions. This will allow you to get the most out of the program, and it will give the best experience for all group-members
  • Be polite, courteous, and supportive where possible of other group-members, with no abusive language
  • Understand that occasionally in the live sessions I may need to move the conversation on to allow everyone a chance to contribute and ask questions, but of course I will do my best to ensure participants have time to share what they feel they need to
  • Undertake to protect the privacy of other group-members by taking part in live Zoom sessions in a private space and ensuring that no-one else can see or hear the meeting (I’d recommend using earphones so that others in your vicinity cannot hear the meeting). Also, you undertake not to divulge the identities of the other group-members or any of the experiences, comments or questions they share within the live session or within the Private WhatsApp Group, with any third parties.

Payment Terms:

The fee for the program is paid either by twelve monthly payments or a single payment in full, and all purchases are final. (Please see below for details about refunds).


I, Mairi Macleod, will do my best to give you advice and the information you need to help you find a good relationship, based on my knowledge and my experience. I cannot, however, take responsibility for your success or lack thereof in finding a relationship, or for any decisions or actions you take during or following our calls, or the consequences of those decisions or actions.
Please be aware that the program is delivered entirely in English and no translations are provided for videos or text.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Your privacy and protection of your personal data is important to me. I will keep your personal data confidential and will never share it with unconnected third parties. Your payment information will be processed by a secure third-party processor. I will be provided with your email address and name but never be provided with your financial information.

I recognise that in the course of our work together you may divulge personal and private information.  I will not, at any time, either directly or indirectly, voluntarily use any such information for my own benefit, or disclose this information to a third party without your written or emailed consent.  The group Zoom calls will usually not be recorded, and they will not be recorded for any reason unless there is prior agreement from all participants.

All participants in the SmallGroup Program will be meeting online with others in a small group and are required to undertake to protect each other’s privacy and information. While I cannot be held responsible for the actions of other participants in your group, I will do my best to deal with any problems arising.

Refund Policy:

I am absolutely confident this course will help you make a massive positive transformation in your life. My promise is that after attending and engaging with all the module sessions/watching the videos, going through the PDFs and workbook and putting the advice into action – you will know how to identify, attract, desire and find the man you need for the relationship you want.
But just to give you peace of mind, if, within 30 days of the start of the small-group weekly call part of the program, you decide for whatever reason that it's not for you (and you've fully engaged with the program - with evidence you've done this) I'll give you your money back (with the exception of any one-to-one element already used). I feel confident you won't want to do this but I want you to know this is risk free!

If you are unable to attend a group call already arranged you will not be offered a refund for this, however, you may be able to receive a replay of the call with prior arrangement and with the agreement of other call participants. If you are unable to make a 1-2-1 call appointment, you will be offered an alternative time if you give 24 hours’ notice but there will be no refunds for this.

If I have to cancel any live sessions or calls because of, for example, illness, I will do my best to reschedule to suit all participants concerned. However, if it proves impossible to provide a suitable replacement session, I will issue a refund commensurate with the value of the lost session.

Intellectual Property:

You will be provided with course materials. At all times, even following purchase, the intellectual property rights and copyright connected with those materials remain with me, Mairi Macleod. You have the right to use the materials as learning tools but you are not permitted to duplicate, imitate or provide copies to third parties whether for free or as part of a sale.

Feedback and Complaints:

If you have any feedback about the program please do share it with me. It is always great to receive words of praise and also helpful to get constructive comments. I really hope that you love this course as much as I do but if you would like to make a complaint this should be made to made in writing to [email protected]


Throughout the program I, Mairi Macleod will be available by email Monday to Friday between 9am to 6pm. I will respond as soon as possible and within 72 hours during the hours stated.

I intend to rely on the written terms set out in these terms and conditions in respect of the course delivered to you. These written terms shall constitute the entire agreement between us.

If any provision or part-provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any such modification or deletion shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these terms and conditions.

These Terms are governed by the laws of Scotland. The Courts of Scotland have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter and proceedings arising out of your purchase of the course.