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Is This You?


  • Do you lack confidence around dating and your ability to attract the right man?
  • Do you believe there are no decent men left out there?
  • Are you attracted to edgy, sexy guys but find when it comes to relationships they don’t meet your needs?
  • Have you tried online dating but find yourself wasting time messaging and meeting totally unsuitable men?
  • Are you exasperated about where to even find good men?


If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then this Masterclass is definitely for you!

Your Host

Hi, I’m Mairi and I’ve been where you are now - on my own, or getting into relationships that didn’t work.

But I developed a strategy through applying science and found a fantastic man. Now I want to help you do the same!

As a behavioural biologist, and after many years of writing, researching and consulting on human behaviour around relationships, I’ve developed strategies to help women over 50 find love – all using peer-reviewed science and a LOT of experience.

Join me for this Masterclass and I’ll help you ditch the disempowering attitude around trying to be appealing to men, and I’ll show you how to find the kind of man who has what it takes to co-create a fantastic, secure relationship with you.

Mairi Macleod PhD

What We’ll Cover

In this free Masterclass, I’ll introduce you to my scientific approach for finding the right man for you and I’ll tell the story of how I myself successfully changed my ways and found the love of my life at 50.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to grow your self-esteem and get into a healthy mindset for dating
  • How to identify and connect with the men who have the qualities needed for a great relationship
  • How to write your online dating profile to be a magnet for the man you need and a filter for the duffers
  • Where to meet good men in real life and how to make contact 

I’ll finish up with a quick overview of my upcoming group-study coaching program, and I’ll answer your burning dating questions!

You’re going to leave this masterclass with the tools you need to get ready for successful dating.

The Details…


Stay until the end of the masterclass and have your personal dating questions answered – you can ask in-person or in the chat box.

Be Seen or Not

You can join in the conversation on screen or hide in the background if you prefer – no pressure!

There will be a replay

A recording will be available for a couple of days after the Masterclass in case you missed anything or want to go over any bits.

Lasts 1 Hour

I’ll give a webinar-style presentation – packed with great advice and ‘aha’ moments - for an hour or so, and then we’ll have questions and discussion.


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