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Your Host: Mairi Macleod PhD

Behavioural Biologist & Dating Consultant


Life is too short to spend it alone

 You've worked hard and found success. But that's no fun without someone to share it with.

  • Do you believe there are no decent men left out there?
  • Are you attracted to edgy, sexy guys but find when it comes to relationships they don’t meet your needs?
  • Do you lack confidence in your own ability to attract the right man?
  • Do you find it impossible to fancy nice considerate men?
  • Have you tried online dating but find yourself wasting time messaging and meeting totally unsuitable men?
  • Are you exasperated about where to even find good men?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes” then I know where you’re coming from. I’ve been there and I can help!

The Good News is You Can Find a Great Partner!


It is totally possible to find a great partner for long-term happiness, to be with that guy who can share in your dreams and have your back.

The Dating Evolved Academy is packed full of science-based advice and support to provide you with a REAL and PROVEN path to finding the man you need. AND you'll have a fabulous community to keep you motivated and accountable on your journey.



This is THE community for smart women who are serious about forging a realistic, scientifically informed path to find the man they need for a fabulous, secure relationship.

Why Listen to Mairi?


I’ve been where you are now!

I’ve spent a long time as a single mum, on my own or getting into relationships that didn’t work for me. But eventually I began to realise, given that I’ve spent the last 15 years researching and writing on human behaviour, that I should take a more scientific approach.

The Science Works!

So I started applying my knowledge of the biology and evolutionary psychology of mate choice and dynamics to my relationship decision-making, with the result that I’m now happily married to a wonderful man. If I’d stuck with my old relationship habits I’d never have given him a chance and wouldn’t have discovered what a total gem he is!

So now I want to help you find the love of your life - as I have, and I’ve developed this course to give you the tools to do exactly that.



  • How to build your confidence and enhance your openness, desirability, and probability of being approached or messaged
  • What sort of qualities are REALLY important to find in a potential partner
  • How to come to desire a GOOD man
  • How to select a partner on the basis of their ability to meet your needs
  • How to side-step “players”, “scammers”, or simply men who aren’t ready for the kind of relationship that will make you happy
  • How to write your online dating profile in a compelling way to be a filter for the men you don’t want and magnet for the man you need
  • How to handle early dates and co-create the spark
  • How to set your pace and boundaries to get the kind of relationship you want
  • Where and how to meet the right kind of men

What women are saying about Mairi’s work:

"I’ve recently completed the 7 weeks of the Dating Evolved course and it has been absolutely phenomenal! I can honestly say I have met the love of my life – my soul mate and it really is all down to what I’ve learned on this course. Thank you Mairi – I have never been so happy x "
Nancy Harvey, 52

"Armed with Mairi’s advice I signed up to an online dating site and did pretty much what she suggested and I was amazed – all these men came back to me wanting a date… I met Chris and 10 weeks in we're still together and very much in love!"
Jane Rayner, 54

"This course delivered on all its promises and more. I have to say I could not wait for the next week and I felt so empowered and happy after each session. And I am now dating a wonderful guy!"
Adele Needham, 60

"The course has taught me how to actually desire the man I need, rather than simply relying on chemistry, and I’m putting the advice into practice! I’m currently seeing a lovely man, seeing where it goes and simply enjoying the journey. I would so recommend this program!"
Shona Hotson, 59

"Thank you to Mairi and all the dear ladies in my group who encouraged me and led by example. I eventually signed up to online dating for the first time ever. One of my likes from the first day or so online has developed into the start of what could be a lovely relationship. I don't think I could have made this progress without having done the Dating Evolved course and ongoing monthly support group."
Flora Keevil, 60

What you'll get as a member of the Dating Evolved Academy:

  • FULL ACCESS (no drip feed) to my transformative course “How to Find Your Man – For Women Over 50”
  • A monthly live group call where you can ask me your dating and relationship questions or submit them in advance, and where you can get to know other members
  • Bonus videos: Biology Plus; Menopause, Hormones & You; Social Support Sorted
  • Full access to the course “Put Your Best Face Forward” by professional brand photographer Donna Green
  • Huge discounts on my other services
  • Daily access to my help and advice as well as a fabulous community of women for support, accountability, and encouragement via our Dating Evolved Academy Facebook Group.
  • New material, events, and sessions with other experts  will be added regularly at no extra charge.

What’s in the Dating Evolved Course:


In module #1 you’ll learn:

  • what men and women are attracted to and want from relationships
  • to distinguish between what you want in a man – and can potentially compromise on – and what you actually need for a happy relationship
  • why your self esteem and confidence are your most powerful tools in finding the man you need, and how to get these nailed

Mate Value

In module #2 you’ll learn:

  • what “mate value” is and why it’s so important that you find a partner who has similar mate value to yourself
  • why “mate value” is not the same as value as a partner
  • how to use this knowledge to find a quality guy who will treat you like a queen and build a fantastic relationship with you


In module #3 you’ll learn:

  • your score in the Big 5 personality factors and what this means for your relationships
  • how to look for partners based on what you need for a happy, lasting relationship, rather than on what you want right now
  • how to come to desire good men rather than the sexy, edgy, super-confident types
  • what are the signals of personality types to go for, and those you MUST avoid

Attachment Style

In module #4 you’ll learn:

  • your attachment style and what it means for your relationship behaviour and what you need
  • how to identify a potential partner’s attachment style and how to select on the basis of their ability to meet your needs
  • strategies for insecures to find the relationship that gives them security and happiness

Online Dating

In module #5 you’ll learn:

  • how online dating can be fun when you know to approach it positively and how to be efficient with your time and energy
  • maximise your chances of finding that gem of a guy, while avoiding players, con-artists and men who just don’t have what it takes to make you happy
  • show off your unique quirks and get the conversation flowing

Meeting Men

In module #6 you’ll learn:

  • how to have an “abundance mindset” and confidently meet new men
  • how to set your boundaries to rule out the wrong guys and get relationships off on the right foot
  • how to avoid wasting emotional energy and to pace your early encounters in a way that leads to genuine relationship happiness


  • Your Workbook with exercises and questionnaires to complete as you go through the course modules
  • Your Master Template for the Man You Need which you'll personalise and complete during the course to give you a list of objective criteria which will help you find the right man for you

My Promise to You:

At the end of this course, if you go through the modules and complete the exercises,
you will know exactly how to identify, find, attract and desire, the man you need - for the relationship you want

What else you’ll get as a member of the Dating Evolved Academy:

Your Community!

Monthly Group Call

This is where you can share your dating challenges and successes, there will be an advice session, a Q&A, breakout rooms where you can catch-up with fellow-members. There will be recordings available of advice and answers to your questions if you can’t make it to the live session.

Private DEA Facebook Group

In our facebook community you can keep in touch and share questions and experiences with other members in between group calls. I'll be in there every day to answer questions and give you prompts and challenges to keep you going!

Events & Workshops

In addition to group calls we get together online regularly for Online Dating Workshops, Member Spotlights, and extra presentations on subjects such as “Growing Your Confidence”, or “Meeting Men IRL”. As the membership grows we’ll organise some in-person events.

Membership Directory

When you join the Dating Evolved Academy you’ll be invited to submit your email and location details for the directory. This is so that members can contact each other and potentially meet up with those in the same area and be wingwomen! No obligation though :)

More Advice from Mairi

Biology Plus

For those who love to understand the science of human behaviour and why we do what we do, this module is a deeper dive into the biology and psychology of our relationship habits.

You’ll learn why infidelity happens, what sociosexuality is and why it tends to differ in men and women, and what love is actually for.

Menopause, Hormones & You

In this session I explain what your body is up to during menopause, and how best to deal with any symptoms. I also show you how to run your dates in a way that makes you most comfortable.

Finally, I explain how you can make the most of this fantastic and productive time of life, freed from the shackles of cycling hormones.

Social Support Sorted

In this bonus module you’ll learn why you need a quality social network around you to be in the strongest and most confident position to meet the right man for you.

I also show you exactly how to build and strengthen your network to grow your healthiness, happiness and even your attractiveness and approachability..

Content from other Experts (more coming soon!)

Put Your Best Face Forward

By Donna Green, professional photographer and personal branding specialist.

Learn how to show the best version of the real you in your dating profile photos and social media posts. In this fabulous extra bonus module, Donna shows you how to take self-portraits to show who you really are, not just what you look like. She’ll help you curate the perfect selection of photos to show off the uniqueness that is you.

How to Improve Body Image without Dieting

By Gillian McCollum, Anti-Diet Coach

This hour long Masterclass is for anyone who suffers from negative body image, specifically around their body size, shape and weight.

Learn the tools and strategies Gillian uses with her clients to help them practice body acceptance and develop resilience in a world telling them their body isn’t good enough. Gain confidence in your own attractiveness.

Introduction to Hillistic Yoga

By Elaine Sommerville, Yoga & Reiki Master Teacher

Here Elaine introduces us in a beautiful, gentle way to the joys of yoga – something she asserts will give you a real boost of confidence which will reflect out into your world in a myriad of positive ways, and put you in a great position for dating. Bring a little yoga magic into your life, she says, and you’ll never regret it!


(Keep the same rate as long as you're subscribed - cancel easily anytime)


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 Your wingwomen will have your back

You'll be part of a community of fantastic, like-minded women! Through our live calls and private facebook group you'll be able to share your challenges and successes with Mairi and the whole gang, and you'll have that support and encouragement to keep you moving forwards.

Go and find your man!

Get out there, confident and armed with the knowledge of what you need and how to find it. Keep checking in with your community on group calls or the facebook group to keep you on track and accountable until you find that great guy!


Still got questions?

If you'd like to have a chat about what's in the membership and whether or not it's right for you, feel free to book a complimentary call with me, or just fire me a quick email!    ~Mairi Macleod PhD